Offers Caller Analytics

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Today announced that we’re working with VoodooVox to provide you with their analytics services. The data is broken into 6 categories Demographics, Social, Activity, Technology, Behaviour and lastly an Overview.

“ is a leader in SOHO telephony, and we are pleased to bring the power of VoodooVox Analytics to this new customer base… VoodooVox Analytics enables businesses of all sizes to learn more about their customers without compromising consumer privacy.” Said Mike Durance, CEO of VoodooVox.

“The phone is the most important tool for all of those in business and now, with the caller analytics platform, our customers can learn more about their callers, not just listen to them,” said CEO and co-founder Ari Rabban. “This service will allow our customers to glean new insight from their call volume the same way that Google Analytics provides valuable insight into web visitors.”

The analytics service is being offered with a 60 day free trial then it’s $2.00/month for the basic offering and  $4.88/month for the full offering.  I suggest at the very least giving it a try and if you like it keep it, if you don’t then cancel before the free trial is up… Though I think you’ll keep it.

Are analytics services useful for your business?  Are you going to give this a try?  Let us know on Facebook or Gorjeo.



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