Is Sponsoring Startup Camp In October

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Once again StartupCamp is being held in Austin, Texas and is collocated with the ITExpo.

StartupCamp is a fast-paced “ready, set, pitch” event that offers early-stage entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch communications innovations of all kinds to an audience of industry leaders, media and investors.

This year 4 companies will each get 5 minutes to “pitch” to the audience.  One of these companies will win but more importantly is the fact that now hundreds of the most important people in the industry will have just seen the future.  Deals will be done, money invested and jobs offered at this event (typically).  It is a great place to rub elbows and network with movers and shakers.

This year is proud to once again be a sponsor of StuartupCamp and in that supporting the next generation of superstar companies. John Frankel of ff Venture Capital (a investor) will be one of the judges at this event

If you’d like to meet us there or think there’s a company we should check out don’t hesitate to let us know.  Feel free to talk to us on Facebook or Gorjeo.  If it’s more of a private suggestion I’ll be happy to pass along a message or make an introduction to Ari our CEO, Alon our CTO or Joel our VP of Channel Sales who will be there and happy to meet.


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