Passbook Is THE Big Deal

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Now that WWDC is over and most importantly to me the opening keynote I’ve spent some time thinking about it.  I believe Passbook, Apples first steps into the mobile wallet are going to be monumental for small businesses.

It has the potential to be the biggest game changer for the general public but more importantly to our small business owners of anything talked about at the Moscone on that fateful day.  Yes it can change everything for mobile payment and mobile cards.  I’m blown away by what I imagine Apple can turn it into.  With the geofencing activated and a credit card or 2 connected to my account I’ll be ready to conquer the world. Now I KNOW what Apple should spend their billions of dollars on, are you ready for it?  iPhone scanners…  I’m talking about the little scanners you see at your local Starbucks that allow them to scan your iPhone screen when you’re using the Starbucks app allowing you to pay.  I can only imagine that it is a great deal easier to implement a new scanner versus an entirely new technology like NFC.  No reason not to do both but for starters I think Apple should subsidize the sales if not just give them straight away to stores selling goods.  In turn every store with these scanners can then scan an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch as well as other companies devices as well and charge the customer on what ever card they choose.  More importantly for Apple they get a cut of every transaction completed using the scanner.

Now imagine if Apple was really generous and offered up a subsidized iPod Touch or iPad for stores that plan to convert their entire point of sale (POS) process to Apple.  I can see Apple trying to gain some good faith/feelings back and helping out small businesses (like Apple used to be) by giving them the software for free and helping out with the cost of the POS terminals (iPad/iPod Touch).  I think this would go a LONG way and make Passbook the immediate standard for mobile payments.

If you’re a small business owner that does face to face transactions would this kind of thing interest you?  If Apple subsidized the scanners would you consider altering your POS equipment?  If they offered up a reduced priced iPod Touch would you consider changing your entire sales process?

Let’s talk about it on Facebook or Gorjeo.  I imagine if I had a store I’d be interested in switching over and I would personally prefer to shop at a store that used Apple devices for their POS equipment.


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