One Outgoing Number Is More Unified And Identifiable

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Last week my daughter was running a minor fever at school so the secretary decided to call and ask us to pick her up.  My wife was away on a trip and didn’t hear the call.  I got a call from some random number and almost didn’t answer.  I had taken my younger daughter to gymnastics that morning and we were winding down.  Typically I would have ignored a call from an unknown number during gymnastics, the parents participate because it’s a 2 year old class but luckily this time I answered.

The secretary told me what was going on and I went to pick her up.  That would typically be the end of the story but not with me.  I started talking to the principal that day about getting the outgoing number changed to the schools number that I have saved in my cell phone.  There is no reason that when calling from the front office of the school that I don’t see the main school number.  I know more than a few people that don’t take calls from unknown numbers.  I’m not one of those people but I feel like the school should fix this.

That said, does your company have 1 single outgoing number to identify itself when calling.  If you’re a doctors office confirming an appointment with a call or a text don’t you want to use the 1 number your clients most likely have in their cell phone?  To me this just makes sense so when I got the call from my daughters school I was very surprised and more than just a little annoyed.  unified communication is more than just your video conferencing and phone calls using the same program, you need to be able to set this up and forget it and it just work.  That’s what offers.  Our new Communicator software unifies your communication and our control panel allows you to set your outgoing caller ID for each of your extensions to any of the numbers you have with us.  In my daughters schools case any and all calls from the school could go out showing the schools number and not one of the many other numbers


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