New Use Case from a Professional CEO

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I just came across an entirely new use for I was on a short flight last night and met one of our customers named Travis, he’s a professional CEO. He’s been doing this since the late 90’s and has built up a little empire. His job is to come into a struggling company and lead it for a few months to a few years into a position of profitability or to a sale/acquisition.

Travis is on the phone a lot, at his current company he has at least a dozen one on one calls every day and he’ll spend hours and hours a day on conference calls. Part of his job is training so many of these calls are counseling and teaching. Travis transferred his cell phone number to and set up 3 extensions. One extension rings to his cell phone another rings on one of our IP phones (the Polycom IP 450) he has on his office desk and the third extensions rings the other IP phone on his desk at his home office.

Travis prefers this over just using his cell phone for all his calls. He still only gives out one number to everyone but now he doesn’t spend hours and hours everyday with a cell phone pressed against his head like he did before. Travis got one of our really nice high definition IP phones and spends his days on it. I know from experience that the speaker phone is amazing and he agrees. Travis explained he doesn’t have a knot in his neck every day from holding the cell phone to his ear with his shoulder and he’s happy to not have a radiation producing cell phone less then an inch from his brain and he told me his favorite thing is that he now has both hands free to work, organize his desk or do anything else he wants. I guess it’s the little things.

I was so happy to hear from another satisfied customer and learn of a new use case for Do you have an interesting way you use our service? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and maybe I’ll write it up.


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