New Feature Alert! Call Notifications Are Changing The Way Our Customers Do Business

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One of my favorite new features is call notifications. It allows our customers the ability to receive an email or text message (SMS) notification upon receipt of an inbound phone call to a phone number and/or an extension.

I had the opportunity to speak with one of our awesome customers, John Savidge of Montron LLC. His company specializes in advertising campaigns via electronic media (radio and television) in the education and the medical, legal and automotive industries. They use phone numbers in their advertisements and gauge the success of a campaign by the number of calls they receive.

Prior to the release of call notifications, John and his team would send a weekly report to their clients listing the calls that were received in response to a particular ad campaign. Clients would then call anyone back that they may have missed. The problem with this model is that any missed calls are missed leads and when addressed on a weekly basis, are likely very cold.

With call notifications, John’s clients now receive an instant notification of a call and have the ability to call that lead back while it’s still hot. John’s clients are happy, John is happy and is happy. I call that a win-win-win!

Please check out our new call notification feature in your telephone number and extension settings. I saved the best part for last. It’s totally FREE! ALL of our customers can take advantage of it today.


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