My Favorite iPad Apps

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With another last minute flight looming as a possibility next week I thought, do I need to bring my laptop or just the iPad.  I’ll end up spending more time on the plane then I will on the ground so size matters, I don’t want anything as heavy as my laptop or with shorter battery life.  I’m convinced that with the right apps and set up in my office I don’t need to bring a computer with me anymore and my iPad would be sufficient.

I have a few favorite apps I use on my iPad every time I travel and pretty often even when I’m in town.  I tend not even bring my laptop to meetings anymore.  My iPad is just so versatile.

My most used apps on the iPad start with Bria for making, here’s the rest of my list
Apple Email – Apples email app
Evernote – Light word processing specializing is syncing data across multiple platforms
Quickoffice Pro – Heavy duty office suite
LogMeIn – Remote log in from iPad to my computer
SimplTransfer – Transfer videos and pictures wirelessly (though slowly)
WordPress – My preferred blogging platform
iMovie – Video editing (I get the videos transferred from my iPhone via SimplTransfer
DropBox – File transfer (highly recommended and yes I’ll get some free MB’s if you use that link)
Zite – Magazine of what I’m interested in

That’s my list, what’s yours?  .. and this is what Mashable wrote.

I’m always on the hunt for great apps that I don’t know about.  What do you use?  Please share them on our Facebook page orGorjeo.


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