Moving Your Phones Should Not Be Difficult

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I was moving offices over the weekend and was reminded again how makes my life easier.  One of my oldest friends (let’s call him Josh) is moving his office very soon and I asked what he’s doing about his phone system.  He was ashamed to admit it but he’s paying someone to move over and set up his entire phone system again.  He’s paying them to dismantle the phones along with the dedicated server and set them back up again.

Josh was not happy when I told him what I was doing to move my phone system.  I’m literally just unplugging the power supply to my IP desktop phone as well as the ethernet cable from the back of the phone, that’s it for the physical phone.  To move my Communicator I just have to close the lid on my laptop and walk away holding it.  Lastly to take my Mobile Office app with me I just put my Android phone in my pocket.

Moving offices with is a piece of cake, no hiring IT people to disassemble a PBX system and no need to create a dedicated server rooms with sprinkler systems and tempreture controls (like Josh has).  We’re literally a plug and play solution with the a vast array of features and 24/7 365 IT help (only for our systems) in the form of our customer service reps.


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