Moving? Consider Abandoning Your Traditional Business Phone System Too

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When one decides to move, it can be a great time to make other changes as well. Whether one intends to relocate within the same neighborhood or hundreds of miles away, VoIP services can represent simplicity, saved expense, and improved efficiency once resettled.

If moving locally, many VoIP providers offer the option of keeping the current phone number. However, even if this is not a possibility, one could consider this the time to start using a vanity toll-free number. This gives your customers the advantage of free calling and also the benefit of an easy phone number to recall for later use. Firms like H&M Law use numerous virtual numbers in order to help their team of Los Angeles DUI lawyers communicate clients in all of the various cities they work with.

Have it Now, as Easy as 1-2-3
Especially with hosted VoIP services, set up and installation are extremely simple and even provide the user the ability to receive calls immediately upon signing up. Installation is so simple that no specialist is needed. That means no special accommodations for a service technician who “will be there sometime between 8:00AM and 5:00PM,” and no loss of potential customers during the move. So how is that possible? Well, simply follow these three steps:

1- Pick a hosted VoIP provider and sign up for the plan that fits your needs:
2- Log on to your online account and set up the find me/follow me calling feature so that calls are transferred to a secondary number (i.e., your cell phone) until the new system is in place.
3- Begin receiving customer’s calls and faxes immediately. Once you are moved and the adapter box arrives in the mail, follow the simple directions for install and set-up so your landline phones will begin ringing.

More for Less
The absolute best part about making the switch from standard landline to VoIP is the cost savings. The monthly fees, which can start at as little as $10 per month also account for a number of features that traditional phone companies do not offer, or offer at an additional cost, including the find me/follow me calling. Other features, such as an auto attendant, caller queue, dial-by-name directory, and voicemail via internet can save your company money, while making it far more productive and customer-friendly. So, why wait? If you are making the move, make the switch too and enjoy the benefits that come with VoIP service.


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