More VoIP Features for Less

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Woman holding mobile phone

A recent article from Fit Small Business tags as one of the best—and definitely the most reasonable—alternatives to all of those spendier VoIP phone services.

For many good reasons. A few pointers from the article:

  • costs less per month than well-known VoIP providers like RingCentral—around 50 percent less! We’re just sayin’.
  • We offer the same basic features, and then some.
  • With, you can add advanced features as you need them, instead of paying for them all along.
  • Even with all those fancy features added to your monthly bill, we still cost about 30 percent less.
  • offers the BEST international rates, with free landline calls to Canada, France, Germany Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Puerto Rico and the UK, and way lower rates to other countries.

If you’re not already a customer, we invite you to learn more. If you are, please share us with your friends who are paying too much!


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