Missing Your IP Phone? Use Your Cell Phone

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Photo: .zimbio.com/photos/Edward Mellors

As I prepare to leave for a short trip to Denver I was thinking, I have more calls this week than usual and I’m really going to miss my desktop IP phone. The convenience of the great speaker phone and clarity with the HD voice is hard to beat. The thing is I have a robust work phone in my pocket and I take with me everywhere I go.

I’m talking about my cell phones. Remember back in the day when cell phone companies advertised that digital calls and networks had great sound quality? I do and they were and still are right. I make calls on both my Android and iPhone all the time utilizing our mobile apps, both over WiFi and 4G and the sound quality is great plus I can make my calls seamlessly. I’ve been known to use hotel wifi but it’s a rare occasion, 4G calls have always been fine and in all honesty 3G calls are usually reasonable if you get a solid signal.

What I’m saying is don’t fret if you have to make or take calls out of reach of your IP phone and office. We’ve got you covered and we’d like to think we do it in style. Check out our Phone.com mobile app offering and tell me (Jeb) how you use Phone.com out of the office on Gorjeo or Facebook.


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