Are You Missing Your Push Email?

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missing_push_emailAn interesting bit of news has flown under my radar for almost a year now that may impact your business.  In January of 2013, Google stopped supporting Microsoft’s service called Mail for Exchange (M4E) Activesync on any and all devices after the cutoff if you use one of their free plans.  By free plans I am referring to the free Google Apps accounts they previously gave away.  The free Google Apps plans were for small businesses to use Google services at no charge.  This service will continue with the exception of the Activesync.

M4E is what makes your “push” email work.  This is when you receive your email instantly on your phone versus now having to wait 15 minutes for it.  M4E has been an important mainstay for many businesses, but Google had to pay a licensing fee per user to Microsoft.  That may not seem like a big deal for a billion dollar company but they have given away a lot of free accounts over the years.  Additionally, this also affects people with emails.  No more instant email!

The solution to this problem is simple.  Pay Google approximately $5 per month per email address.  While this may be acceptable for those of us with one Gmail address, it comes as a shock for others who may have dozens of employees or email addresses set up for every aspect of their business.  I personally have never switched to Google Apps and have always used a Gmail email in a convoluted way.  So now I have to start a Google Apps account which is no problem but there is no easy way to transfer all of my data and information to it.  Google sadly has not made this an easy task.

In my next blog post I will explain what I have had to do to circumvent migrating to a Google Apps account and the hassle that goes along with it.  If you have a Gmail address or a free Google Apps account, your phone is not broken and there is no missing setting.  Google has simply killed off your push email.  Stay tuned to the blog for a DIY solution.


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