Live in New Jersey? Affected By Sandy And Still Want To Vote?

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Every four years we get the opportunity to vote for a presidential candidate, we’re lucky to live in a place where we’re able to do this no matter what your personal political preferences may be.  Be that as it may there are a lot of displaced New Jersey citizens that don’t have the ability to vote tomorrow.  Voting centers like homes or offices where entire communities were supposed to vote in person tomorrow may not exist any longer.  Additionally many people are living with family and friends no where near their voting facility.

That being the case on Saturday it was announced that New Jersey residents may submit their ballot electronically.  First they must email or fax a mail-in ballot to their local county clerk.  They’ll get a ballot faxed or emailed back to them that they can then return by email or fax.  This is very important and a sign that even in such devastated areas people still want to take part in our democracy.

I’m sharing this also because it’s very easy to send and receive faxes via (for those who for some reason prefer fax to email).  Once you login you select Send A Fax from the bottom of the left column.  Fill out the information on the next page or check the box for No Cover Page, most importantly being Add Attachment section where you select what file you want to fax.  Preview your fax then click Send and your fax is sent.  It’s so easy and simple so no matter who or what you’re voting for tomorrow we’re here to enable you.

Here’s a list of email and fax numbers for the different county clercks in NJ.
Fax: 609-909-5107

Fax: 201-336-7005
Clerk says only applies for people displaced out of Bergen County
Fax: 609-265-5032/609-265-0696

Fax: 856-756-2213

Cape May
Fax: 609-463-0966

Fax: 856-455-1410

Fax: 973-621-5178/973-621-2644
*Email preferred
Fax: (856) 251-1646

Fax: 201-369-3478/201-369-3473

Fax: 908-782-4068

Fax: 609-394-8785
return ballot (f)
Fax: 732-745-3642
return ballot to: /732-214-1656 (f) (include signed application, privacy waiver and filled out ballot)
Fax: 732-409-4887
return ballot to (f)
Fax: 973-285-5233
Put hurricane sandy on application. Fax to return is 973-285-8412 (email address will be provided with ballot)
Fax: 732-506-5301/732-288-7875

Fax: 973-754-1920

Fax: 856-935-8882
Return ballots (f)
Fax: 908-231-0026
Fax: 973-383-7493

Fax: 908-558-3592
Different email/fax for ballot — will be provided with ballot.
Fax: 908-475-6208/908-475-6382 wants to continue to wish our customers and anybody effected by Sandy a quick recovery.



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