Large Screen Smartphones May Save Your Company Money

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Options are what you have and choices are what you have to make while trying to stay in a small business budget but still getting what you need.

There’s a trend in smartphones that you’re bound to have noticed, it’s bigger and bigger screens. At the same time tablets are becoming an almost necessary business tool. So what do you do? Do you get 2 separate devices and spend what could be close to or even more than $1,000? Or take advantage of this new trend and get a big phone/small tablet?

There’s an entire category of smartphones now called the Phablet. It’s a rather odd name to me and I try not to use it to much but the fact is, it exists. Additionally it may be the best solution for your daily mobile technology needs.

The phablet is characterized on Wikipedia as “an informal class of smartphones with screen sizes ranging between 5 and 7 inches; these are primarily designed to combine the functionality of a smartphone with that of a tablet.”. Genius right? Some say yes others say no. AT&T was kind enough to give me a Galaxy Note 2 to review for a few days and I have to say, it was an amazing experience (just so we’re clear I’m not endorsing the phone). It was so big that I was happy to read the news on it, compose email comfortably and I even watched a movie in an airport lounge. On the other hand, it felt HUGE in my front jeans pocket. That was it’s only draw back. It fit great in my suit coat and it was a joy to use.

So what does this all mean to you? If it’s time to update your smartphone or even get your first a phablet should be on your radar. If you’re looking to downsize from a traditional size tablet like an iPad or again, you’re getting your first then let me repeat myself, the phablet should be on your radar.

A well respected blogger I read all the time named James Kendrick recently wrote that the Note 2 (a phablet) has changed the way he uses mobile technology. He doesn’t reach for his 7 inch Nexus tablet very often and he doesn’t even use his Google Nexus S 4G phone. It’s all about his phablet now. James explains that typically when he’d leave his house he would bring his phone and a small tablet. He wanted to have the tablet so he could read books and catch up on a little work here and there if he had a few minutes of down time. But now that he’s equipped himself with a phablet he only carries 1 device with him now when he goes out.

If you’re looking to save some money I suggest taking a look at a phablet, the Galaxy Note 2 is the most popular but there are many options. It can condense your smartphone and tablet into 1 device. It can also double as a desktop phone by running the Mobile Voip app which will also work when you’re out and about with it. It could be a tremendous savings for your company’s bottom line, plus in my opinion it’s a pretty cool trend.


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