Is Coworking Right For You?

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Sometimes being a small business owner means not having a traditional office. People typically end up working from home or a coffee shop but in the last few years coworking locations have been popping up all over the place. No more need to work from your bedroom day in and day out or pay the outrageous prices for a cup of hot mud or an iced slushie coffee.

Now let’s start off by saying coworking isn’t for everybody. If you keep national secrets on your laptop, coworking may not be right for you. If you aren’t someone that wants to interact with other humans then coworking definitely isn’t for you. I could go on and on in jest but if you don’t want to cowork then you know it.

Some of the best reasons to cowork are:

  • You get a professional work environment
  • Collaborating and networking with like minded individuals is the norm
  • Reduce the cost of office overhead
  • No need to buy coffee, juice or stale sandwiches
  • You can get professional meeting space for clients or prospective business (most coworking offices have private meeting rooms)
  • No long lease
  • No need to buy office equipment like printers/paper, desks/chairs, wireless routers, telephones (use on your smartphone to make/receive calls and texts) and much more
  • It’s not a coffee shop and a few benefits fall in there:
    • Security of knowing you can leave your laptop for a few minutes to take a call
    • Privacy without isolation

One list I saw include a benefit as more chance for office romance, as much as many people will smirk when you read this it’s true. If you’re working long hours you may not have enough time to go out and meet a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

Over the years I’ve worked at a few coworking locations, they’re pretty easy to find, Google will be your friend. Have you ever worked at a coworking office? What did you like or dislike? Tell us on Facebook or Gorjeo.


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