International Long Distance and VoIP

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I just read a post by Gary Kim siting Skype CEO and stating that Skype accounts for 33% of all International Long Distance phone call traffic. !45 billion minutes out of 438 billion in 2011. Skype of course is a VoIP (voice over IP or internet telephony) provider.

I have been following the VoIP market pretty much from its inception, I remember back in the 90s when we briefed the industry analyst who specialized in VoIP traffic monitoring (like Probe Research, Telegeography and the big guns like IDC and Gartner and later on Instat and others).

Some of them monitored traffic based on equipment sold because there just a handful of providers. Anyway – what i really remember is that we were happy as an industry to see that international long distance (we called it ILD) using VoIP network went up from 4% to 6% of all ILD traffic. When it reached 10% we were trying to get everyone’s attention to let them know VoIP is for real.

Well: VoIP is not only for real. It is pretty much the only game in town in just 15 years.


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