In-Call Transfer So You Can Keep Moving

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I got a call last week but I had to leave my office to pick up my daughter.  Problem is, I couldn’t hang up and I don’t like being late to pick her up from school.  I remembered that one of our In-Call Features during an incoming call is to transfer an ongoing call from one extension to another and that’s exactly what I did.  I was on my desktop IP phone the Polycom IP 450 which by the way has amazing sound quality.  All I did was press “Confrnc” and the extension that forwards to my cell phone.  Next thing I knew I was on the call on my mobile phone and walked out my front door.

I know some of you already use this feature, all kinds of businesses do but it was my first time being in this situation and being able to use it.  I’m a one person operation in my small office, so I’ve never wanted to transfer a call before.

By the way, I decided to test this out a little more and when you’re on your cell phone and want to transfer a call to any other extension dial *2 and that extension.  It places your call on hold and rings the extension.  Once the new line is picked up you can hang up your cell phone.  I’m going to be using this a lot more I think.  I inevitably get calls on my cell phone when I’m on my way to my office and when walk into my office now I’ll transfer them my desk phone.  I’m happy to report in my non scientific testing I was able to transfer incoming calls between my Bria iPhone app, our Mobile Office app for Android (I didn’t test it on BlackBerry yet), a desktop IP phone, the desktop Communicator and a call to my personal cell phone number that forwards to.  

Are you using incoming in-call transfers?  Let us know on Facebook or Gorjeo.  


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