If You Lose Your Phone What Can You Do?

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I want to remind people to back up their devices and install some sort of find/lock/wipe software.  My friend Chase was in a cab Saturday night and when he got out his iPhone slid out of his coat pocket.  That was it, gone.  Of course he was upset about losing an expensive phone but he was more upset about losing his calendar and contacts.

Chase is now borrowing one of his brother’s old phones but he’s lost all of his most important data.  Plus his pictures and text messages are gone and all of it is in the hands of the cabbie.
When I spoke to Chase on Monday I asked him about syncing and wiping his phone.  But like too many others he didn’t install the Find iPhone app on his phone. Now imagine if you will that you lost your phone or tablet today.  I’d be devastated but my calendar and contacts sync to Google and I have the Find iPhone app on my Apple devices as well as LookOut and Plan B on my Android phone.

Luckily I’ve never had to use LookOut or Plan B both from LookOut Mobile Security but if I did I would know I can passcode lock my phone easily, then locate it (hopefully) and lastly if necessary wipe it clean of all my data.  I had to do this with my iPad last week using Find iPhone, though luckily I knew were my iPad was and it was safe but I still locked it while sitting in traffic on the freeway.  I knew no one could read my post to the Phone.com Gorjeo or Facebook accounts.
If I lost your phone today and you didn’t have any of these apps on it, potentially a thief could access my email, DropBox and Box accounts.  Post Tweets and Facebook messages as well as see my calendar, travel schedule and get access to all of my work documents in Google Drive and EverNote.  I’m not even looking through my phone and those are the first things that come to mind.  I would be infuriated and frustrated knowing someone may be looking through my private documents including patent applications, business ideas and pictures of my children.

What would happen to you?  Could someone get your bank account numbers and passwords?  What about access to your Amazon app, can they make purchases you will be billed for?  Or if they got into PayPal they could drain your account.
We all hope this never happens but do you have a plan if it does or if one of your employees loses a phone with work related info on it?

I’m not endorsing anyone besides Phone.com but Find iPhone and LookOut Mobile Security apps are examples of apps I suggest you install on your phone and your employees phones or tablets if they have any type of work related content on them, even if it’s just email.

Oh – and there is another benefit to having a Phone.com account:  if you lose your phone you can easily forward your calls to any other phone you borrow (even your mother’s old phone) and still receive calls on your phone number.


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