Have You Used Your Phone.com Conference Call Bridge Yet?

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When I call a company I have some expectations.   I was shocked when I called an established businesses conference call bridge and heard something along the lines of “this is a free conference call service”.  My initial thought was doesn’t their phone service include conference calling like Phone.com?  Besides this is a horrible image to portray to me, that your company can’t afford a conference call bridge.

Don’t get me wrong, every penny counts when running a small business and I don’t suggest anyone should spend those pennies without a need but there’s no reason to use a service that announces that it’s free, making your company look cheap.  Every Phone.com extension gets it’s own conference call number or bridge as it’s commonly referred to.  I’m always ecstatic to host calls because I get to use my Phone.com bridge, it’s a bit of a pride thing now, knowing I’m not using some free service.  The really sad thing was these companies can definitely afford a proper bridge.

If you use Phone.com service then make sure to check out our HD Conferencing.  You can access it from the box on the left of your extensions control panel right under the Settings option. If you have any questions message us on Facebook or Gorjeo.


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