Hardwire Ethernet Connection Through Your Phone.com IP Phone

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Ethernet-In_Out-300x205I just learned something that I’d been wondering for years but never got around to checking out until now. It’s something that most of you may already know but I hope I can enlighten at least 1 person from this blog post. I’ve always used a laptop and until the last few years I’ve never had a desktop phone. All this means that I haven’t had to plug an ethernet cable into my laptop because of WiFi, so when I got a our Polycom IP450 desktop phone I had to run ethernet to it from my wireless router to get a dial tone.

What I learned today is that almost all the wired IP phones we sell have ethernet pass through. Meaning you can daisy chain your hardware. If you only have 1 ethernet wire at your desk you can plug it into your Phone.com IP phone then run another ethernet cable to your computer.

This may seem very simple or even silly if you have WiFi at your office but I’ve been uploading many gigabytes of family video’s today to the cloud and if I would have been hardwired to the internet it probably would have taken much less time.

Out of curiosity, if you have WiFi at your office do you still plug your laptop into the ethernet or just go wireless? Let me know on Facebook or Gorjeo.


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