Happy Mother’s Day

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Sunday is Mother’s Day, and like good sons all over America I shelled out for the delivery of a nice bunch of flowers. In truth, I’d of course rather if I could have delivered the flowers in person, but the airfare from where I am in Denver to where my mom is in Florida is a little more than four times the cost of the flowers.

Please don’t call me cheap … there’s also car rental to consider. And of course, there’s the cost of a nice dinner at a nice restaurant, although of course I’ll probably spend most of that on dinner with the wife.

But there isn’t the cost of an hour or more on the phone … something that once upon a time would have cost even more than the flowers. Indeed in the distant past it would have rivaled the cost of the airfare. Nowadays, of course, there is no additional cost for the long distance call, at least not for subscribers to Phone.com and many other VoIP providers. (If you’re still paying for long distance by the minute, shame on you.)

Come to think of it … my mother uses the Internet, even though she’s in her 90s. And her phone is carried over a VoIP service. But for lots of other folks … bet your mother and father still have traditional phone service.

So how’s this for a Mother’s Day present that will last far longer than flowers. If your parents have DSL or Cable Internet, but still use dial-up phone service, get them VoIP. With a company such as Phone.com, with the first month free, the total cost for a quarter of a year will be less than I just paid FTD for the flowers.

And of course after that the savings will keep piling up, especially if Mom (and Dad) call you more often now, since it won’t cost anything extra no matter where you are in the United States (or even overseas in a long list of countries, if Phone.com is your carrier).


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