Good Luck With Sandy

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With hurricane Sandy already here in some parts of the country and destined to do damage unfortunately we want to wish everyone a safe and sound next few days.  We’re no experts here but suggest you evacuate if you’re told to and please be prepared.

Here are a few useful links that may help you:
1. Google Crisis Map
2. Governments hurricane information page
3. Follow FEMA on Twitter

We have one suggestion as well: change your call forwarding settings.  This will allow you to forward your calls to your cell phone, a business partner or employees cell phone or you can forward it to a land-line as well.

How to Forward your calls:

  1. Log in to your control panel and go to the Call Handling Rules under Settings
  2. Choose your setting for Incoming Call Type then choose Forward in How Calls Should Be Handled
  3. Add your chosen number into the cell and click the add telephone button to the right of the cell if you’d like to forward your number to multiple numbers.  Forward it to as many as you like.
  4. Lastly scroll to the bottom and press Save Rule Settings

(see image below)

Good luck to all of our readers, customers and every single person being affected by Sandy.



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