Fixing iMessage On iOS 7 If Your Messages Aren’t Sending

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iMessageIf you use an iPhone and put iOS 7 on it, you may be experiencing some problems with iMessage.  Apple indicated they are indeed experiencing this issue and are working to fix it. The problem is that many iMessage users are composing and sending messages but the iMessages are hanging on the sender’s phone and not being delivered.  I, like many others, hit send and then leave the app to do something else or just put my phone in my pocket. That shouldn’t be the case anymore. Now you need to wait to see if your message is sent by watching the send bar at the top as it moves from left to right. My messages keep getting stuck at about 90%.

According to my research, there are a couple fixes for this for this issue.  If restarting your phone and resending doesn’t fix the issue, here are some fixes my friends at GottaBeMobile are suggesting. 

The first fix GottaBeMobile suggests is toggling iMessage on, then off and back on again. You can do this under Settings, then scroll down to Messages to toggle iMessage off.  Then wait about 15 seconds to switch it back on again. It may take a little time to re-register the phone service.

The second fix, which I prefer because I don’t like turning iMessage off is to just restart your phone.  After restarting, you will need to go back into your text messages in the Mensaje folder and tap the red exclamation point to send your message again.

If the first two solutions didn’t work this one supposedly always does (no promises).

Step 1: Turn off iMessage by going to Settings and scrolling down to Messages.  From there, turn iMessage off.

Step 2: Back out of Messages and while still in Settings scroll all the way down to Reset and select it.

Reset Network SettingsStep 3: Tap Reset Network Settings and confirm your choice (you will have to re-register to all your Wifi networks again if you reset your network settings). Now your iPhone will reboot which may take a little time.

Step 4: Once your phone is back on, make your way into Settings and back to Messages. Now flip iMessage back on and it will need to register. Your service should now be working again.  Please remember to reconnect back to the necessary access points.

***Please keep in mind that this is not a fix from Apple but what some users have found to work. We are not endorsing this or promising it will be successful but it is something that has helped some of my friends and colleagues. If you choose to go ahead with this, it is at your own risk.***


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