Exercise Can Make You More Productive

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Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and small business owners encounter enormous pressure and stress associated with building a business everyday. Pressure and stress tends to lead to poor sleep, bad eating habits and some ailments. Exercising can help alleviate all of this and according to Richard Branson who owns over 360 companies “working out gave me at least four additional hours of productive time every day”.  

Business owners fight a balancing act with customers ,employees, marketing, family and friends so you can balances these by adding exercise to give yourself mental and physical energy to meet the challenges of running your business and if Branson is right getting a lot more done every day.  

I don’t exercise daily but try to at least 3 times a week, I would like to do more, but when I do exercise I get much more out of my day, I have more patience and feel more focused.  Have any of you had the same experience with exercise?  Do you get more done on days you exercise versus the days you don’t?  Do you sleep better one way or the other?

By the way: click here to check out the offices of FF Venture Capital (one of Phone.com’s investor) and where we also have some employees work to see how you can really have a healthy office.


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