University- How To Ensure A Successful Number Transfer

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number_transferMy colleagues here at often call me the Porting Princess — and for good reason.  I spend a ton of time ensuring that number porting requests to are successful.  I’m here to tell you that moving your phone number from one provider to another (Local Number Portability, or “LNP” for short) doesn’t have to be frustrating! But, even though I’m here to make porting a breeze, there are inevitably situations that arise leaving customers feeling confused or angry when their phone number transfer request is rejected by their existing provider.

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure a successful number transfer to

1. Make sure your phone number is active
In order to move a number from one provider to another, it MUST be active.  This means that if you call the number, it must ring somewhere. If it’s not active, the number transfer will be rejected. Do not cancel your service with your current provider, no matter how much you dislike them, until your number transfer is complete.

2. Check your contract
One of the biggest reasons for number transfer rejections is due to contractual obligations. Here are a handful of the most common:

  • A fee must be paid in order to release your number.
  • You must contact your provider to remove a freeze or hold before transferring.
  • Your number is not transferable at all. In some cases, if you originally obtained the number from your provider’s inventory, they will not let you port it out.

3. Name or Address Mismatch
When we submit your porting request to your provider for their approval and release, they will match the contact information that you provide on your Letter of Authorization against their records. If the information submitted does not match, they may reject it. In some cases, the information on file may be different from your billing address. Your best bet is to reach out to your provider prior to porting to verify the proper name and address that you should use when submitting your request.

4. Pending Orders
With certain providers, any change you make on an account can cause a “pending order” on your account.  This can be something simple, such as updating your email address, to something complex, like configuration changes to your service. If you try to submit a porting request while there is a “pending order” on your account, it may be rejected until the pending order is resolved.

There are many more reasons for rejections.  Here at, we do our absolute best to help you resolve these and successfully port your numbers over to your account. Should you have any questions about porting your number, please reach out to our support team for more information!


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