Employees Can Use Their Cell Phones For Work But Let Them Go Off The Clock

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One of the great features of Phone.com is their Call Forwarding but almost as important is the Scheduling of when calls can and can not be received on a cell phone.  It’s more or less expected these days, at least in the circles I hang out in that an employee uses their cell phone to take calls during the work day (BYOD) if they don’t get issued a work cell phone.  The question is is it appropriate for them to take calls after the work day is over.  That’s a question for you to ponder and work out for yourself but if the answer is no, then Scheduling when they can take calls is the way to go.

Scheduling calls allows the administrator to set the times calls are forwarded to a certain extension or in this case cell phones.  You can have calls ring through to the employees desk phone and Communicator app on their computer (PC or Mac) 24 hours a day and to their cell phone from just 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  That’s up to you.

Scheduling is just one of those features that once you start to use it you won’t ever be able to live without it.  Plus your employees will probably be happy being able to cut down the hours in the day they get work calls on their cell phones, I guarantee their spouses will be.  It’s also good for them to know there’s a separation between work and home life.

Do you use call Scheduling in your company to keep from getting phone calls at all hours of the day and night?  Tell us about it on Facebook or Gorjeo.


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