Don’t Let Your Cell Phone Voicemail Pick Up Your Calls

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If you ever have a problem with your cell phone voicemail picking up your calls this post is for you.  You most likely need to activate your Call Screening Rules or modify them if it’s already active.

A common problem customers experience is when somone calls their number it forwards to a desktop phone like an IP phone as well as to a cell phone.  What can happen is that the devices voicemail picks up and answers the call and you get a message on your mobile number.

The solution is easy, you need to first decide which extension you want your VM to arrive in.
Then depending on the architecture of your menu system and the set up of your companies phone service you’ll either go to the Entensions or Numbers tab toward the top of the control panel.
Extensions: Go into your Extensions then Settings (on the left) then Call Handling Rules (on the left under Settings).  Under your chosen number or extension to ring it says “Ring above number for XX seconds.”  I always pick 20 seconds because that’s shorter than the time it takes for my cell phone voicemail to pick up.

Numbers: Click on the Numbers tab at the top then click Settings to the right of your number.  Now click the Edit button to the right of Number Action:.  In this case you should see all the numbers you forward your number to, below that you will want to select the drop down that says “Ring above number for XX seconds.”  As I said before I pick 20 seconds.

In both cases of Extensions or Numbers you MUST click Save Rule Settings toward the bottom or your changes won’t be saved.

At this point you should not have your cell phone voicemail pick up your calls any longer.  Now you can have those messages transcribed, emailed to you as a recording and/or alerted by text message.  We have a great number of voicemail notification services.



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