Don’t Get Scammed For Your Mobile Number, Like I Did

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I wanted to warn you all about a scam I almost fell for this morning.  I saw a bunch of friends on Facebook all had posts saying they signed up for a summer promotion from Ray-Ban to get free sunglasses.  I know it sounded too good to be true but come on, it was all over Facebook, how could it be a scam?  

As I filled out the form I should have known, it asked for my home address and mobile number.  That all seemed normal except for the fact that I put in my number into the mobile section and it bounced it and said it needed an actual cell phone number.  That’s when I should have been alerted but I wasn’t, I was a sucker and put my actual mobile number in. Silly me I know. I should have known that if they were being so pushy about actually getting a real mobile number, something was up, but my lust for free sunglasses got the better of me and I hit submit.  Then I saw the next screen with the small print saying I was going to be signed up for a $10/month bidding and ringtone service.  UHHH, I’ve been scammed and I’m a sucker.  All in the name of eyewear.  I took a screenshot and here’s the fine print.  Hopefully I didn’t finish the signup process or they honor the STOP sms I’ll send.  

I wanted to alert you to this in hopes that you won’t fall for it like I did.  If you have already let me know and if you’re already getting text messages.


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