Desktop Phones Not Needed In The Future? I Don’t Think So

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With the exception of people that literally talk on the phone all day like customer service reps and some salespeople, It seems like there’s less of a need for desktop phones and an increase of smartphones with apps on them to make your cell phone act as your desktop phone.

Unlike the PR people and movie agents on TV, not everyone wants to be on their cell phone all the time. I for one have been using my Polycom IP 450 from for over 2 years and it’s a real experience to use. Having a phone with heft and thick enough to rest on my shoulder when I need to type is nice plus the speakerphone is bar none the best I’ve ever used. It’s about the experience.

What’s really holding people back from going mobile only and losing the desktop phone? I’m not sure… Maybe it’s tradition, I like having a phone on my desk, in the movies every proper work station has a telephone on it. Is it call quality? I get crystal clear calls when I’m using it. Are we waiting for docking stations for our smart phones? I know I’d love to dock my phone.

The thing is, I’m just attached to my desktop phone like I imagine many other people are as well. Yes I can make calls with our Communicator on PC’s and Mac’s or either of our mobile apps. This all works great and I use it all the time but a desktop phone just has a different visceral appeal.

If there is going to be a decline in desktop phones in the near future, I don’t think it’s going to be grandiose.

Are you keeping a desktop phone or going mobile only with one of our apps? Tell us on Facebook or Gorjeo.


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