Customer Service From Top To Bottom

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As the Director of Customer Service for I am very much accustomed to receiving both positive and negative feedback from a variety of customers in a variety of ways about a variety of employees.  One of the most common ways we collect feedback is through the customer satisfaction survey we send out after a customer contacts support.

On one particular day I was going through the comments and came across one from a customer that said “Joel Maloff is wonderful to work with. He’s responsive and easy to communicate with.”  Normally I wouldn’t think much of this except for the fact that Joel is’s Vice President for Channel Development and he doesn’t typically spend a lot of time interacting with customers.

I use this story to illustrate a key point.  A company does not become a customer centered company by chance.  From top to bottom of any organization it is critical that all employees care deeply for customers and understand that the customers are the life blood of the organization.  While some employees never interact directly with customers, they can provide excellent service to the people interacting with the customers.  They can also understand the way their work touches customers and do it to the best of their ability.

I am here to tell you that is such an organization.  This example of great feedback about Joel is one of many from the leadership at  I can name countless times when I have asked upper management to interact with a customer and in all cases I’m met with extreme willingness.  They understand that if is going to be successful, it starts with amazing customer service.


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