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Conference calls seem to be a necessary part of business today.  In days of yore calls consisted of 2 phones, 1 on each end, sometimes there’d be a speakerphone or two involved but that was it.  When a group of people had to talk they’d have to meet face to face, this was prior to the Communicator app of course.  Now though when face to face isn’t necessary but getting a group together on a call is we just use a conference calling bridge. offers the best bridge in the business.  Features like 500 seats on the call, flexible moderator controls and one that’s really nice if you have regular calls, a permanent conferencing number.  That static bridge means you can save the number into your address book and not have to ever dial it again.

I’ve included two pictures, one of our participant controls and one of the moderator controls.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to give us a shout on Facebook or Gorjeo.  We’re here to listen and help.


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