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As you may already know, recently launched our Communicator application.  It’s PC and Mac software that brings a whole new level of interaction to our wonderful customers. Now they can easily make and receive phone calls from their computer, whether it be on a desktop in their home or office or from a hotel room on an island 1,000 miles from the closest desk chair.  In the video below Alon Cohen our CTO and Todd Carothers of Counterpath makers of the Communicator software talk about it during ITExpo in Austin just last week.

The Communicator software is allowing people to continue to make and receive work calls but additionally they can check their voicemail, view faxes, access their address book (way more easily than on a desktop phone) to make phone calls, send SMS and the one big feature I haven’t mentioned yet, conduct face to face video calls, all without a traditional desktop phone.

Todd points out that 40% of Bria’s user base make video calls on top of the regular voice only calls.  This is revolutionizing meetings, in my case I had video call with a friend in France a few weeks back as well as with Ari our CEO in New York.  These 2 separate but necessary face to face meetings would have meant long flights, hotels stays and lost work hours plus thousands of dollars spent.  We conducted our meetings in our respective cities and never took 1 step into an airport.  Beyond the obvious time and money savings it keeps us at home at night with our families and able to work instead of taking red eye flights.  We’re not the first company to do this but we’re the one merging your work phone to your computer.

Have you started using our new Communicator on your computer?


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