Cisco/Linksys ATAs Are A Lot Like Babies

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baby_ataIf you have children under the age of one I’m sure you have come to the realization that the noises they make indicate how they are doing.  The problem with these noises is that they aren’t specific enough.  Crying can mean they are sick, angry, hungry, bored or jealous.  I guarantee that anyone in this stage of parenthood wishes babies could speak for this very reason.  It makes parental troubleshooting infinitely easier.

Let me now tell you how babies are similar to our Cisco or Linksys ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapter).  I was recently working with a customer who had an ATA with his service and complained that he could not receive any calls.  He indicated that all calls just went to voicemail.  We went through every possible option we could think of to try to fix this issue but I could not figure it out.

It wasn’t until he mentioned that his dial tone made a pulsing sound rather than the traditional dial tone.  How do you demonstrate that in writing?  Maybe “ba ba baaaaaa” rather than “baaaaaaaaaaaaa.”  Anyway it was at that point that a light went on in my head.  I remembered that Cisco or Linksys ATAs have built-in feature codes that control features on the device like call forwarding and do not disturb.  One indicator that the feature code has been enabled is the dial tone.

Here’s the list of feature codes that can be used on a Cisco or Linksys ATA with  Keep in mind that these codes currently only work on our Cisco or Linksys ATAs and not on our Grandstream models:

  • Call Return Code: *69
  • Call Redial Code: *07
  • Blind Transfer Code: *98
  • Call Back Activate Code: *66
  • Call Back Deactivate Code: *86
  • Call Back Busy Activate Code: *05
  • Call Forward All Activate Code: *72
  • Call Forward All Deactivate Code: *73
  • Call Forward Busy Activate Code: *90
  • Call Forward Busy Deactivate Code: *91
  • Call Forward No Answer Activate Code: *92
  • Call Forward No Answer Deactivate Code: *93
  • Call Forward Last Activate Code: *63
  • Call Forward Last Deactivate Code: *83
  • Do Not Disturb Activate Code: *78
  • Do Not Disturb Deactivate Code: *79

After having him dial each of the deactivation codes we found that he in fact had Do Not Disturb enabled on his device.  After dialing *79 the device worked perfectly.

So remember that if you have a Cisco or Linksys ATA with the dial tones actually mean something.  If you have a non-standard dial tone you may have intentionally or inadvertently enabled one of these features on your Cisco or Linksys ATA.


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