Choosing Hardware

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Buying our supported devices is so important. We have a variety of hardware for you to use from ATA’s (allowing you to use your old traditional phone) to the top end desktop IP phones with HD voice that sounds like you’re talking to someone across the table from you. You can even choose to use your cell phone or our computer app called Communicator.

I’m pointing this out because recently we had a customer try to use a non supported VOIP phone and it was hard for them to provision it. Once they decided to return it and use one of our supported desktop IP phones it was a matter of just plugging it in and waiting a few moments for it to boot up. They had a dial tone and were happy again.

If you’re considering getting a phone to work with then please take a look at our Phones and Devices page and pick something from there alternatively you can use the Communicator PC app (Windows and Mac supported) or a cell phone app. These may be a good option if you’re constantly mobile or just like minimalism.

How do you connect to our service? IP phone, Communicator or mobile app? Tell us on Facebook or Gorjeo.


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