Celebrating National Small Business Week

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Small Business Week is an event of national significance, is organized annually by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The 2013 event marks the 50th Presidential proclamation of National Small Business Week.

For me it is a bit like Father’s Day which we just celebrated yesterday, or Mother’s Day. We don’t really need a special day (or week) to tell our parents how much we love them. It is Father’s Day every day. I guess for all of us serving the small business community it is Small Business Week every week of the year.

That said, this special week, and especially this year celebrating 50 years of such support to small businesses across the US is significant.

60% or more of new jobs every year in the US come from small businesses and more then half of US workers either own or work for a small business. At Phone.com we’re grateful to you for everything your SMB does for us and our society. From mechanics to car sales people, from contractors to real-estate developers our local economies thrive because of you.

This week isn’t just about celebrating you, it’s about supporting you and our local economy. Please don’t just read this post. Go out this week and take a pair of shoes to be fixed or clothing to be mended at a local small business. Buy gifts for your friends and family this week from an online retailer that may not have a HUGE presence but sells high quality merchandise. And remember if you have to spend a few extra cents you’re supporting your neighborhood and maybe even your neighbors. I know I can go online to buy brand name products from a big name retailer but I try on a daily basis to shop with the small retailers and stores I’ve never heard of. There’s nothing wrong with shopping with the big name stores but balance it out and support small businesses.

As the president said in his message honoring National Small Small Business represents core values of our country.


At Phone.com we wanted to help celebrate National Small Business Week by providing a free second phone number to any new customer who signs up this week. Get a second number for your business and use it as a fax number or get a toll free number. You all know what you need.

To get a second number please enter coupon code NSBW during signup.


Happy Small Business Week from the Phone.com team


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