Can’t Live Without Voicemail to Text Transcription

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I’ve been in Europe all week for a mobile phone trade show plus some meetings and as life continues at home I was getting calls that I had to take. In particular I’m helping plan a wedding reception for my cousin so the family and friends can meet his new wife. Lucky for me, I’m doing all the planning including working with the catering company as well as the facility. Some staff needed to talk to me but because of the time difference they kept missing me and left me voice messages.

I’m happy to report that by having my voicemail transcribed by and emailed to me I was able to read them and then respond as needed when they called my number. No more paying for roaming to listen to voicemail when I’m outside the US. I was able to read my message, I could text that person back or call them directly from my email. This saved me a lot of time and money but more importantly, it made my life just that little bit easier.

Voicemail Transcription from costs 25¢/message for human transcription and for our less expensive automated system it’s just $1.50/month. This is one of those services that can really ease some stress and if it’s out of your range every month you should


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