Call Forwarding, A Weekend Lifesaver

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Sometimes we forget some of the most basic and useful features when we focus on the complex and unique services offers.  Things like Caller ID Routing y Call Schedules may be more exciting and flashy but some services are just lifesavers on the weekend.

One of our customers posted on Facebook that her cable modem box died.  Her calls would have just gone to voicemail but she took advantage of our awesome customer service reps and called our 800 number from her cell phone.  She asked one of them to set up the call forwarding on her account to go to her cell phone.  She couldn’t even go online at home because her internet was out.  Of course our rep was delighted to help and she’s been able to keep up with her calls all weekend long.  Hopefully she has a new cable box today and can go back to her usual set up but until then she doesn’t have to miss out on any calls whether they be work or personal.

My in-laws don’t use their cell phones much but when they went on vacation overseas we set up call forwarding to their cell phone in Israel so they wouldn’t miss the chance to see family and friends while they were visiting Israel.  Do you use for any personal services like this?  Or is it just a business phone service for you?  We’re happy both ways.


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