Calendar Scheduling Tip.

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I Learned The Hard Way About how trade shows are good for business and how to set up calendar events in other time zones and what to include in email invites and calendar events.

I’ve been attending a mobile technology trade show called CTIA in New Orleans this week as press but after meeting with lots of companies I started thinking about how important trade shows are for different industries.  Most of the time these events give companies the ability to set a high volume of meetings with out having to fly around the country or world.  In other cases it allows employees or clients/customers to get to know one another on a different level then in the office all the time.  I for one enjoy getting to see my peers and friends that I interact with via the internet or telephone but rarely see face to face typically, except for during the trade shows.

But this show like many in the past got marred by me missing a meeting due to my calendar.  I live in Los Angeles which is 2 hours behind New Orleans and somehow my morning appointment got messed up and I arrived 2 hours late.

I want to share a trick I learned and will now use all the time on these out of time zone trips.  Now on when I create a calendar event, in the title area where typically I’d write “Meeting with Ari”, I’ll start it with the beginning and maybe even the ending time of my appointment.  So I’d write “2-3pm Meeting with Ari”.  Then even if my calendar times get confused I’ll still have the actual time of our meeting in the title or subject of the calendar entry.  This is useful for others that may be sharing your calendar or you invite to the meeting.  This is one of the best tricks I’ve heard in a long time and I hope it will help you in the future.

By the way, saved me at the trade show, I wasn’t able to make an outgoing call on my iPhone to reschedule and apologize for missing my appointment. The cellular coverage in the convention center is fine but I think there were just to many people making calls at the same time.  But I was able to log onto wifi and make a VOIP call using the app. I’m always so happy I have service everywhere I go, it’s always saving me in a tight situation.

Do you have any travel or scheduling tips or tricks you want to share?  Post them on our Facebook page and maybe I’ll include them in a future blog post.


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