Buzzing Guests In Using

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One of my favorite uses for is our Call Forwarding to a cell phone allowing someone buzzez in a guest into an appartment building or open a gate in a gated community.  We have a customer that reached out to me and told me about this.

The customer has it set that anytime someone buzzes in at their gate it forwards directly to their home and cell phone using Call ID Routing and when they pick up they hear “Front door” set up with the Call Voice Tagging feature.  Then they just buzz in their guests.

Our customer told me that in another year or 2 when his daughter gets older he will change the call routing to only ring on his cell phone or his wife’s so they can always ask who’s buzzing in.  Then they’ll know who’s coming to see their daughter.  He told me he feels like it might be a bit much but it’s his right to be an overprotective parent.

I thought this might be useful for our customers using at home but also for customers that have to buzz in visitors to their office.


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