Buy A Local Sim When Abroad

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As a small business owner I typically pinch every penny (within reason) and I absolutely abhor wasting money. I usually travel abroad a few times each year and when I do I NEVER pay the roaming fees for the countries I visit. I don’t think $3 for 1 minute of talking or $1 for a text message, or even worse yet $25 per megabyte of data is reasonable.

I usually recommend that people buy a local sim when they arrive in a new country, especially if they’re only visiting 1 country. I also keep my sims from trip to trip because I tend to visit the same places (sims typically last 28 days to 1 year with no use before being deactivated, depending on the plan you paid for). Shops that sell sim cards (sometimes also rent phones) are prevalent at most airports now and I’ve seen them just outside train stations as well.

You can get deals for as low as free for 2 months with an initiation fee of just $10 for unlimited talk, text and web. My parents are visiting my sister and we found this deal for them. I don’t think I’ve seen anything cheaper ever. Most deals aren’t that enticing but still far cheaper than roaming with your home telco.

One of the best features of is call forwarding. Problem is with this scenario you won’t have computer to forward your work number to, so you can either set the call forwarding from the browser of your mobile phone or call our customer service number +1-858-633-8053. We have agents available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Now you won’t miss any of your important business calls. Additionally you’re able to make outgoing calls showing your work number with our Mobile Office app for Android and BlackBerry or the Bria app for iOS.

Safe travels this summer!


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