Better Snacks Can Improve Productivity

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Snacking is a real problem for people who sit at a desk all day.  I know I’m guilty of eating junk food because I’m hungry and don’t want to put too much thought into my snack, everybody I surveyed said the same thing.  Entrepreneurs may have it really bad because they’re living is on the line.  A few that I talked to said they regularly skip lunch and eat junk food.  They even admitted to feeling less then great after eating the junk food.  It made me think I should look for more healthy options because I need all they help I can get when it comes to staying being more effective at my job.  I came across a list today of some great snacks to keep you focused plus they’re healthy so it helps at this time of year where over eating is too common at the dining room table.

These aren’t unique foods with sandy textures or green smelly juice.  Nothing is wrong with any of that but I’m a realist that just likes to eat.  Here’s the list.

Veggies and Hummus Dip: This delicious protein-rich dip paired with fiber and vitamin-packed veggies makes for a great snack, and is lower in calories than the usual carrot and ranch fare.  

Fruit: If you’re looking for something more sweet than savory try some of nature’s candy. Bananas are a great source of potassium, vitamin B6, and fiber. The best part is they come with their own wrapper! A perfect snack on the go.

Popcorn: Ah, we bet you didn’t expect to see this traditional snack food on the list! But popcorn is a great alternative to pretzels and chips. Popcorn is actually a whole grain, and it’s high in fiber. Just skip the toppings if you want to keep it healthy.

Yogurt: Full of calcium, protein, a boat-load of vitamins, and helpful bacteria; yogurt is a snack of champions. This dairy delight will definitely keep your motor running until lunchtime. Try a low-fat option if you’re looking to cut calories. I would add one more to the list and that would be nuts.  I won’t go into the benefits of each different kind of nut but I prefer almonds.

My wife’s favorite snack and sometimes lunch replacement these days is the veggies and hummus. After she got her new Toyota corolla lease, she’s been super nervous about damaging the car.  She gets single serving sizes of hummus at Costco and spends at the most 10 minutes once or twice a week cutting up her vegetables of choice.

This is the blog so I won’t harp on food but most of us, not all, like our marathon team, can use a little tune up in our diets.  Being a lawyer, dentist or accountant at our own company can make you put your daily diet on the back burner but by eating healthier foods it might just make you more productive, which is something we could all use.

Credit: BodyWorks


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