Are You More Environmentally Conscious When Working From Home?

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Telecommuting for Earth, a survey of 500 American adult office workers aged 18 and older, conducted online by uSamp in April shows that employees who telecommute from home take more proactive actions while at home to save the environment then they do when they’re in the office.

Earth day is today so I thought I’d share this with you

  • Turn lights off when not in a room – 74%
  • Make lunch – 60%
  • Keep heating and air-conditioning low to save energy – 56%
  • Print minimal amounts of paper – 53%
  • Power down computer at night – 50%
  • Recycle – 39%
  • Avoid bottled water – 34%

Beyond the environmental impact of telecommuting, the study also showed that employees stand to save a significant amount of money when they are able to work from home. 42% say they save $1 – $20, 38% say they save $21 – $40, 19% say they save more than $40, and an additional 6% say they save in excess of $80 per day when they work from home.

When asked how strongly environmental concerns weigh into the decision a boss makes on whether or not to allow telecommuting, surprising numbers of them say it matters:

  • 42% say the planet weighs strongly or very strongly into the equation
  • 62% say at least somewhat strongly allows me to telecommute and I know many of my coworkers do as well.  Does your your company or the company you work for promote telecommuting?  Is it something you think about when applying for a job or hiring a new employee?  Let us know on Gorjeo or Facebook.


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