Are We Doing Something Wrong Not Taking Sick Days?

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Are we doing something wrong? I’m a small business owner like most of our readers I imagine and I feel like I’m doing something wrong, sort of.

I’m in my office fighting off a head cold while still trying to work. I know we’re supposed to be dedicated and love our business but I’d rather be in bed sipping chicken soup.

Just last year I wrote about sick days are really just work from home days for some people. Now I am wondering if by not having employees or even an automated system for some of my tasks, that I’m doing this wrong. We’d all like to be more successful and have more money for staff, at least I would, but if I’m not duplicating myself to some extent now, I think I’m doing this wrong. One of the companies I work with has an office of 10 people and if the boss takes a sick day things go on without her. There’s redundancy in who can sign paychecks, that makes sense. If I don’t work from my bed when I’m sick invoices don’t go out.

There are tools now for automating, I use some of them but what about writing, I don’t have a ghostwriter for when I’m sick. I don’t have an employee that can meet with clients and advise them on social and mobile subjects.

Do you have a plan for when you get a head cold? Tell me about it on the Phone.comGorjeo or Facebook

This is just something I’ve been thinking about this morning as I try to work with a box of tissues and decongestant on my desk. I hope you all have a great weekend and don’t get sick.


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