Are The New Lumias Destined For Greatness?

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Nokia and Microsoft sitting in a tree… Yes they’re collaborating and making sweet sweet music in the form of phones. Nokia has always been known to make rock solid phones though their Symbian platform had been on a decline over the last 5 years or so and Microsoft has been known to make some of the most popular software in the world. Now imagine putting these 2 companies together and walla you could either have one of the most beautiful and well built mobile phones or a pathetic sad looking brick of a device. Lucky for both companies (mostly Nokia) they’ve made a beautiful device, this being their second successful go around at it.

So is this collaboration a good choice, I don’t know just yet, only time will tell, but it seems like it is at this point. Microsoft Office being the most commonly used software bundle in business and beyond is loaded right onto the Nokia Lumia I was given to review earlier this year. It’s amazing to me that I can edit a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet on my phone. It’s been possible for years but not to this extent.

I believe this will be a powerful union but I’m concerned about it’s long term lifespan. I think the Lumia devices Nokia announced yesterday the 820 and it’s big brother the 920 have so much potential. It seems like Windows Phone devices are perfect business tools from my perspective. You can update a PowerPoint presentation on the way to a meeting in the elevator and never have to take out your laptop. Anything that can make my life that much easier must be destined for greatness.

These are just my opinions, what are yours? Do you or anyone you know use a Windows Phone device? What do you think of them? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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