All About the API Speakers Announced

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footer-logoAll About the API, July 19-21 in Las Vegas, has announced its speaker lineup featuring EVP/CTO Alon Cohen and COO Ramesh Elaiyavalli.

Cohen will be part of the “Moving with the Market: Enhancing the Value of Your Product with API” panel on July 20 at 9:30 a.m.

The market continues to grow. Are you on track to stay with it? As APIs alter the marketplace, streamline business processes, and increase business profitability, the demand for them is becoming a business necessity. APIs enable once convoluted internal processes to become optimized, uniform, and downright simple. Join this session to learn why your product should have an API, and why developing the software to be entirely controlled via API will enable success in the market. The panel will discuss how the recent trend in open API products has shifted the go-to-market strategy for the software industry; provide real-world examples of how businesses have grown exponentially due to their early adaption of this technology; and also show how implementing these technologies can create a community-driven product.

Cohen will be joined on this panel by John Harden from Axia Technology Partners and Paul Tindall from goTransverse.

Elaiyavalli will speak at 1:30 p.m. on July 20 on “Turbocharge your API Strategy with SDK.”

Hooks were once all about rock & roll and pirates, but these days they’re far more commonly associated with the APIs that are transforming the way businesses deliver services. It’s no longer browser-first, nor even mobile-first, when it comes to building technology infrastructure. API-first is the new imperative, and the telecom space is answering the call. Telecom players are scrambling to get their APIs in the hands of developers, but pitfalls lurk at every turn. For developers, a well-documented, easy to understand API is a must have, but in cloud-enabled VoIP and PBX, the secret to success is in your SDK. Just like the hook that makes your favorite song unforgettable, the SDK makes your APIs the choice of top developers.
For the full list of speakers at the conference click aquí. Event registration is live aquí.


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