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Name: Kenneth Gibson
Title: President & Founder
Business name:

Why a Virtual Phone System?

“For us is a super high-end, fancy answering service; where we can let calls go to voicemail and have the right person call prospects or customers back from our cell phones. Thats our formula. fits our needs perfectly.

Phone.coms approach is a far more elegant, cheaper and more seamless process than other virtual phone systems.

Like our eHealthApp healthcare application system for employees and companies, is also essentially a virtual, paperless and machine-less solution, getting the right info to the right folks at the right time – without unnecessary human intervention!

Good-buy, so long to tapes, answering machines, human answering services, expensive fax lines, and $40 mo. phones lines per phone.”


“We had a live service in place previously, but many of the calls are questions coming in from customers, and the service couldnt answer correctly. For new customers, set-up questions were not being answered right. The live service didnt know how to go through our system properly.

Now, we know who our broker customers are by caller ID, and if they call in to sign up, they get routed ASAP to the right person with the help of our excellent menu.

When humans answered our phone, fine, but if it went into voicemail, too many hours would go by. The forms are very, very long… and they call in to get help filling out the forms.

We need to be right there to help our broker customers. It sets off how the relationship develops, how we answer their calls and deal with them right from the beginning.”

The eHealthApp Story

The purpose of eHealthApps software is to save companies, and healthcare broker customers who service them, time and money filling out employee application forms, in an effort to reduce yearly employee premiums through competitive bids from various health insurance providers.

Insurance companies have a short window of time to get out quotes for competitive insurance bids for corporations, so the applications and submission process must occur quickly. If it takes too long, an opportunity to get their premiums down is lost.

Hence, eHealthApps electronic solution – faster, more affordable, more secure and easier.

Special Value

With eHealth App, brokers can provide customers a differentiator between him or herself and another broker.

Without eHealthApp software, the customer, or company the broker services, would lose access to, and benefit of, all employee data entered into a respective system to-date, when it comes time to re-apply or switch insurance carriers. This is a unique branding asset for brokers.

With respect to submitting numerous insurance applications for competitive premium quotes, the non electronic approach wastes time collecting hand-signed application forms from employees; plus it is expensive – taking into account for example photo-copying, paper, processing and mailing or over-nighting 50 applications (employees) at 4 pages per application, equaling 200 pages.

Possibly times 5 different insurance carriers for competitive quotes. Not to mention wasted time, which you can never get back!

Its also a great green solution, and helping insurance companies bring their administrative costs down.

Favorite Benefit – Toll free number

“Which we dont have to pay extra for every month. We save on that, and we provide better service, by furnishing a free call. Its location independent – in other words we get a call from Utah, but callers dont know were local. It gives us a more of a national appeal or image. Makes us look more “real” and respectable.

With all this sensitive data from employees, we have to look like a company that has their act together. Not having a toll free number makes us look cheap, or small.”

Kenneth Gibson, Founder

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