It’s hard to imagine a world without call forwarding, a necessary service in today’s increasingly mobile society. If you’re lucky, you’re not stuck in a cubicle waiting for your phone to ring like employees of a few decades ago. Most people are out in the field trying to make business happen.

That’s why call forwarding was invented. Call forwarding is a phone service that routes incoming calls to a single or multiple phone numbers, including your home, cell, office or any other phone you want. It may involve using a virtual phone number and the use of other applications, such as text messaging or voice e-mail.

Call Transfer is one of the many features offered by Phone.com. During the course of any call, you can move the caller to a different number with the press of a single button.

Phone.com’s forwarding features get a little more high-tech after that. For instance, the virtual phone company offers with its Virtual Office service a customizable company menu. For example, a menu would say, “For accounting, press 1.”
As part of the service, there’s a directory that allows customers to enter the name, either the first or the last, of the person they want to talk to. Once the computer locates it, it will read the person’s full name and the correct extension.

But that’s not all of the call forwarding features Phone.com offers its clients. There is a wide variety of call forwarding services that fit your needs. Not only does it forward the calls, the company allows you to customize how, when and where you forward calls.
The beauty is you can schedule your routing options based on the day and time the call comes in. Using Call Handling Rules, you can route incoming calls to a single destination or different destinations. It’s all up to you.

For example, a call that comes in after business hours can be sent directly to your voicemail box. Then, if you have Phone.com’s voicemail transcription service, you can get that voicemail as an email.
Using advanced call forwarding services, you can make routing and forwarding easy.

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