Don’t want to give out your pin number?

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People don’t like to give out their passwords. That is understandable of course.
When gets customer service calls we, like any service provider, need to verify and authenticate the customer is who he/she say they are.

We try to balance between making it as easy as possible for a customer to get their questions answered and solve any problems and ensuring their privacy and security. Asking for a password or pin is something service providers must do.

Well, has now implemented a “Password Bypass”. When logging into their account customers get a unique key (Express Service Code) that they can provide to the customer support rep when they call for any questions.

The Express Service Code is valid for 12 hours and can be provided to a customer service representative as verification for a account and in place of an account password.
The Express Service Code is unique to a customer’s account and changes periodically to ensure added security and identity protection.

IF you have any comments or other suggestions we would be happy to hear so let us know.

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