Don’t Go Into The Office To Manage Your Phone

I’m watching Twitter today and noticing that a lot of people are going into work today then starting their vacation. I would have imagined that they would have made Friday their last day of work and started their vacation a few days earlier.

It made me think, maybe people are going into work to make calls, send/pick up faxes, change the menu’s on the telephone service and pick up voicemail. Truth be told I can do all those things with and would have never had to leave my house. If you’re in the North East I’m sure you don’t want to step outside to go to work and last week the South West was no where fun to be if you had to go outside. Almost everything I do can be done from my office, home or some other location with wifi, including managing my entire phone system from my computer.

If you missed it last week we launched the Mobile Office for BlackBerry application and earlier this year I’m sure you know we launched our iPhone and Android (Droid) apps. You can do everything I mentioned above from your Blackberry or Android handset. Visit from your phone and you can get the app from there no matter which of those phones you have.

Hope everyone has a nice last few days of the year and doesn’t have to go into the office.