Does Social Media Standings Matter Toward Customer Service?

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When you interact with customers or potential customers online do you check what their social media standing is?  
I was thinking about this on my way into my office this morning.  I know that I usually read recent Tweets of anyone that interacts with us on Twitter.  Same for Facebook, I’ll read what they’re posting about.

But what about their followers on Twitter?  Do you check that number and decide accordingly how to interact with them?  I make it a rule that someone with 1 follower or someone with 100,000 followers gets the same attention from me.  I won’t “number profile” someone like TSA may do at the airport.  I treat everyone the same.  

I’m curious though, do you check a customers Klout to decide how quickly to respond to them or if you should be extra nice?  I would imagine some companies have included this in their procedures.  I focus on customer service but does everyone?  
It’s just something I was thinking about and wanted to share with you all.


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